We’ve had some amazing questions asked, and we appreciate them all! Here are some of our most frequently asked questions


NC Dental U FAQ’s

How much is tuition? Payment plans?

That’s a great question! Our tuition is ALL-inclusive (no hidden fees), including textbooks, scrubs, and supplies. Many of our students take advantage of our flexible payment plans to fit their personal needs. Here is the link, and we will be happy to review it verbally when you’re ready! Seats fill up very quickly, so we don’t recommend waiting to place the $200 deposit to reserve your seat.
We also participate in local area programs that sponsor students who are unemployed or underemployed. Let us know if you would like to pursue this as an option!

Are you accredited?

I’m so glad you asked! We are licensed by the North Carolina Community College Board. Accreditation means that you earn credits that you can transfer. We are a licensed career training school with approval from the state to offer this Dental Assistant Program. Students come to NC Dental U to begin their career in dentistry. Our program affords students the ability to graduate sooner with all allowable Dental Assistant I certifications and EARN their additional credentials as they work in the field.
DANG.org State Requirements for NC Dental Assistant II in training

Do you offer dental hygiene?

Proprietary Schools like NC Dental U do not offer Dental Hygiene Programs because they are degree programs. MANY students start with us before pursuing their career in dental hygiene. Students really enjoy being able to work in the field and earn points that give them a leg up while applying to dental hygiene programs.

Course requirements?

We keep our requirements as simple and streamlined as possible for student ease. Requirements are:
-18 years and older to operate radiographic equipment in NC.
-Have a transcript that shows a graduation date/date awarded.
-$200 registration fee and a few enrollment documents that you will sign in your portal

Do you help with job placement?

That’s a great question! While no institution can guarantee job placement, we take employment very seriously! Up to 75% of our students obtain employment PRIOR to graduation! We are also affiliated with a large group of dental practices in NC that love to hire our graduates! We pride ourselves on being a resource to our students long after graduation, so if you ever need employment support- we’re here for you!

Do you accept FASFA?

Unfortunately… since we are an accelerated learning program, FASFA is an unavailable funding source. Many of our students take advantage of a government-funded program called NCWORKS/WIOA. You can find contact info for your local NCWORKS department in the county where you reside. NCAWDB – Local Boards
This funding source is like FASFA; however, they work directly with you in the county you reside.

Do we have to take a state exam to start working when we complete the course?

I completely understand the concern! The Dental Assistant course at NC Dental U provides you with EVERY certification you need to work in a dental office. So no additional state testing is needed upon completion of our program!

Will I be a Certified Dental Assistant upon completion?

I’m glad that you asked! No institution will graduate you as a Certified Dental Assistant.
You will complete our program as a Dental Assistant I. Many students like our accelerated program that allows them to WORK while they gain additional experience and make money by obtaining hours that qualify them to challenge the DANB (national board) to become a Certified Dental Assistant. Once you work in the dental field for at least 3500 hours, you are qualified to take the test to become a Certified Dental Assistant if you choose to pursue that credential. Keep in mind that it is not mandatory to become a CDA to work as a Dental Assistant!

NC Dental U Course List

Learning made easy…
We understand the difficulty and commitment that goes into working towards starting your new career. That’s why NC Dental U makes learning accessible for anyone who wants to pursue a career in Dentistry! We believe in giving you the options that will work best for your schedule, learning styles, and preferences.

*Not all attendance methods are available for every course.